5 Must-Read Customer Service Articles of the Week - June 10


 Every week I read a number of CX and Customer Feedback articles from various publications and blogs around the web. Here are my top five picks for this week with a quick summary of each.

The 5 Essential Standards of Customer Listening

By Martha Brooke

Listening always meets the same 5 standards. Meeting these standards achieves dependable, high-insight data. Failing to meet these standards often steers companies off course. Customer Listening is often treated as a cut and paste task that doesn’t require time or expertise. But if you ask tired questions in tired ways you won’t learn much. If you are open, curious, and scientific in your approach, you’ll gain actionable insights that can dramatically improve your business.

Customer Experience Complexity Calls For a New Breed of Measurement

By Caleb Freeman

Customer experience (CX) measurement has been on the edge of an evolutionary tipping point for a few years now. Advancements in technology and accessibility across platforms have created higher levels of connectivity, sophistication, customization and speed. The improvements have revolutionized how a customer’s experience can be measured, refined and optimized. 

How to Create a Successful and Effective Voice of the Customer Program

By Patricia Jones

In our experience, although most businesses think that they know exactly what their customers want, yet in reality more often than not companies are partially correct in their assumptions or are incomplete in their judgments. Here are a few best practices for creating an effective VoC program to deliver a world-class customer experience for your brand.

Before Sending Your Next Customer Satisfaction Survey, Ask Yourself This Simple Question

By Sonia Thompson

Many business leaders are on the hunt for growth hacks. They are constantly on the lookout for ideas and strategies that can help win them new customers and keep them loyal over time. But the key to earning loyal customers isn’t about growth hacks or specific tactics. It’s about building relationships with your customers over time that give you a deeper degree of intimacy with them.

Four Steps for Making Your Customer Insights Users Successful

By Aimee Lucas

One of the challenges that customer experience (CX) professionals face is getting the insights they uncover through Voice of Customer (VoC) programs to drive changes to the business. Let’s take a closer look at four steps CX teams can take to set insights users up for success.


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