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5 Tips to Improve CX Survey Engagement Rates


In a recent hard hitting but excellent article by Bob Thompson of CustomerThink, he pointed out that 93% of customer experience initiatives are[...]

By Oisin Ryan | March 89 2018

Categories: CX Surveys, Customer Feedback


4 Customer Expectation Management Strategies to Improve CX


In essence, customer experience (CX) is the customer’s perception of how well you live up to your brand promise. If you fail to meet the expectations[...]

By Oisin Ryan | March 75 2018

Categories: Customer Experience


Improving NPS does not (always) equal Improving CX

We recently ran a customer experience (CX) focused AdWords campaign and it amazed us how many people were searching for something like "tactics to[...]

By Tina Zafeiri | March 68 2018

Categories: Customer Experience, Voice of Customer


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