[Infographic] Messenger: the best VOC Solution for Brick-and-mortar Businesses


You know customer feedback is essential to running your retail chain, restaurant group or similar multi-location business. You want to be able to benchmark outlet performance and determine why one outlet is performing better or worse than others. You know that once a customer has left the premises dissatisfied, the chances of them returning are slim to none. That’s why you invest in mystery shoppers and have probably tried in-store machines or online surveys to try to get feedback straight from your customers’ mouths.

But you still feel you’re not capturing enough feedback? That’s probably because:

  • your online survey gets really low engagement and/or completion rates are low;
  • the in-store machine captures so little information that it’s hard to pinpoint what the issues are and it doesn’t let you follow up with customers;
  • you can’t afford to do mystery shops more than once a quarter and you know that, although very useful, mystery shoppers are not real customers.


So why is Messenger the best Voice of Customer solution

for brick-and-mortar businesses?


Read "Why Messenger is the best VOC Solution for Brick-and-Mortar Businesses" to learn more.



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